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Advancements In AI Dental Software

Advancements in AI Dental Software

Dentistry can expect significant changes due to artificial intelligence (AI). Although dentist professionals will not feel the AI impact as much as other industries they still have interesting AI advancements in dental software and processes.


A major area where AI dental software has been making an impact is diagnostics. By using AI, it is now possible to analyze X-rays and spot early indications of gum disease and dental decay. This allows dentists to make a more accurate diagnosis and develop more effective treatment plans for their patients.[1]

Treatment Planning

Dentists now have the ability to test different treatments allowing for better treatment planning. AI software can do this by testing different treatment options for the patient’s specific problem and seeing the outcome. This can be extremely helpful to both the dentist and the patient in determining the best possible treatment for the present issue. [2]

Crowns & Bridges Fitting

Dentists can now create digital impressions of a patient’s teeth, which can then be used later to design dental crowns and bridges. AI dental software contributes to making these digital copies that allow the dentist to design a crown or bridge with an improved fit and maximum durability. [3]

Patient Experience

AI is also used in other ways to improve the patient experience other than just dental-related software. With the use of chatbots, a patient can ask questions and get answers about their health in real-time. Gone are the days of waiting on hold for a simple question about if you need to come in. Other software can help improve the patient experience as well such as appointment booking software like DentistAppointments.com.


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